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Fasci-nating Fascia

The Myofascial Release Treatment of Commack

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Artwork By Julie Varga!

John F Barnes Interview What is Myofascial Release?

Ronelle Wood walks us through the Fascia! Ronelle's book "Touching Light: How To Free Your Fiber-Optic Fascia"
is available on Amazon and is a terrific read!

What used to be "intuited" can now be seen. In vivo living fascial tissue is now viewable. It IS fiber optics baby! Used by permission of Jean-Cleaude Guimbarteau.

Thank you Ronelle Wood!

Just in case you missed this on the main MFR page! A must see video!

John Barnes Myofascial Unwinding

Limits Exist Only In Our Mind! One of our favorite videos! It really makes you go"hmmmm..."

MFR Orientation

Please read this thoroughly prior to your orientation. This will allow us to spend our time together discussing your specific care . We have found that cleints that come in well prepared do much better with their sessions so please, take the time to read through this for your's and my sake. You will also find the below videos helpful as well. Thank you, Marla

Sessions are between 55 and 60 minutes and may include about 5 minutes of talk time and will always include a brief postural exam. If you have booked a Total Postural Exam please expect to be here for a total of about 90 minutes. If you want or feel that you need longer sessions, please plan on booking them quite a bit in advance.

Fascia encases every cell. Research has now discovered that it does more than help us keep our shape. Since these fibers are so extensively integrated into our system, fascia is involved in every motion we make. Not only can it move independently of our muscles, it has a powerful sensory capability that responds to stress. Bracing due to pain or discomfort is counterproductive therefore it is very important that you let your therapist know if your discomfort goes over a level 7 out of a 1-10 scale. In addition, we now know that fascia binding and restrictions can cause a multitude of symptoms in addition to muscle aches and pains. Please note how you are feeling regarding all your conditions during your treatment and your course of MFR.

Articles By John Barnes
Therapeutic Insight: The John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Perspective—the Development of Myofascial Release

Fascia in its larger form becomes tendons and ligaments. Please note in the diagram, the Latissimus Dorsi muscle. Notice that just this one muscle covers so many areas! It originates on the ribs, goes to the pelvis bones, wraps around most the back and then inserts into your arm! Note the large fascia it connects to and yet people very often don’t understand that back problems can cause arm problems or how fascia in one area can effect fascia in another area!

Unlike medical massage, there is no attention to focused areas. MFR is a full body treatment. Imagine that you are holding a bucket of water. After a while, your arms and back will ache. We can address those aches you are feeling or we can have you put down the bucket of water (the cause of the ache) MFR is based on the cause, not the pain.

Medical Massage is passive on the part of the client and it can be interpreted when you are on the table that the therapist is there to help “fix you” When having an MFR session you will notice a Therapeutic connection, a Share- Journey together, almost like a dance! It requires feedback from you regarding the pressure and the “fascial voice”

Very often when we are doing MFR, you will “hear” the Fascial Voice. It can be heard in many ways such as a deep stretch, seemingly unrelated areas will become uncomfortable, there may be pain, discomfort, burning, heat, cold, tingling, Bubbling, Agitation, Emotional feelings, twitching, breathing changes, sweating, shivering, unwinding, and a feeling that you want to stretch. If you don’t hear the fascial voice, inform your therapist. They may or may not decide to move to another area.

We will be looking for a Vasomotor Response from your MFR treatment. A vasomotor response is when a restricted area becomes red. This is the result of the fascial elastin fibers separating and the ground substance yielding and returning to a more fluid state, resulting in an increase in circulation. This is why it is very important to only wear shorts and a small top or sports bra.                       

Unlike medical massage, the sooner additional sessions, the better in order to facilitate breaking habitual holding and bracing patterns of the fascial network. Post treatment – Please see the article on Home Care

How many sessions?  It takes as long as it takes to “soften a lifetime of fossilized tissue”, but you will probably feel a difference in 1 to 3 sessions. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or voice any concerns to your therapist! Good luck with your MFR journey and thank you for allowing us to be part of it!

Marla, Jody, Monica, Kate, Jolie and Cheryl

Valuable Video's To Help You Vividly Visualize Your New

Vehicle To Good Health!

An Amazing Half Hour Following The Fascia

After Care / Home Care Instuctions

Myofascial Release Home Program

• Perform two or three myofascial stretches between treatments (may not be given until 2nd or 3rd visit). Hold the stretches for at least 90 seconds – 5 minutes or more. It is better to do one good MFR stretch that goes deeper into the barrier then 2-4 stretches that don’t release the fascia.
• Focus on body awareness (perhaps with music, books, guided mediation or your workout routine.)
• Note any daily activities or sleeping positions that may be exacerbating the pain (Ex. Elbow resting on the windowsill of the car, your position in front of a computer, sleeping on the same side all of the time, etc.) Build an awareness of stress factors that may be influencing the condition.
• Please notice any other changes that may take place such as better sleep, better dieting, better attitude, reduction in constipation, reduction of heart burn, etc. MFR reduces restrictions in all areas of the body and it even goes down to the cellular level! Releasing restrictions can effect nerves, blood vessels, muscles & more!
• Attend other therapies as required or needed and last by not least … Hydration! Hydration! Hydration!

After Your Session

Progress will often continue after the session is over. The fascia will continue to release for hours or even days. While many patients leave a MFR session feeling very relaxed, it’s not uncommon for there to be some residual muscle soreness in the areas addressed and in other seemingly unrelated areas as well. Generally it is very mild but a small minority of people can feel quite sore. Any discomfort you might experience is what we call therapeutic pain, not injurious pain. It is a sign that your body responded to the treatment, and that is what we’re looking for. It will not always happen, but it is possible when we first start treatment, or even during the course of treatment when we access new tight areas or get deeper into key restrictions. In addition, it is not uncommon to experience agitation and seemingly unrelated symptoms. Please do not try to mask this with Advil, bathes, etc. The symptoms need to work themselves out. This is a massive reorganization of cells which can be scary, uncomfortable but necessary. If you have any concerns, please call the office. You may actually feel worse then you did prior to MFR. This is often the storm before the beautiful calm. This is referred to as a Healing Crisis or Healing Response. There is a lot of info on this on the internet and we also recommend the book What’s In Your Web by Phil Tavolacci. He has a wonderful explanation of the Healing Response in Chapter 9. 

The number of sessions that one would need is very individual. Everyone responds differently to MFR. Many feel changes in symptoms after a couple of sessions while others require a number of treatments to achieve their state of well-being. Clients are encouraged to have a follow-up session as soon as possible after the initial visit to continue the progress made during the first session.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns! Thank you for entrusting us with your good health and well-being! Thank you for making us a part of your MFR journey!

Marla, Jody, Monica, Kate, Jolie and Cheryl

When you are on our table, please get comfortable with "you" not us! Here's a wonderful poem by a wonderful therapist that may help!

They Told Me
~Laura Probert
They told me, “be quiet,”
they told me to be shy.
They told me, “be proper,”
they didn't tell me why.
They told me, “stand straight,”
they told me, “behave.”
They told me to act right,
it felt like a cave.
They said, “do this,”
“You’re supposed to do that.”
And there in my tiny box,
I withered and sat.
They explained the should's
all the have to's.
It sounded real,
like I'd regret my own path.
So I followed along,
for a really long time.
I sang their song,
tried to make it rhyme.
It never felt good,
it never felt right.
It didn't feel like me,
it felt really tight.
One day I noticed,
that I had a choice.
They could be wrong,
because I had a voice.
I remembered to use it,
it was okay to speak.
I was as worthy as them,
I wasn't a freak.
I started to whisper,
I started to talk.
I started to hum,
The rules took a walk.
Soon the day came,
when I was out loud.
The sound of my sparkle,
escaped from the shroud.
I looked up and gave thanks,
it was finally time.
I was fiercely alive,
and ready to shine.

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"The fascia forms the largest system in the body as it is the system that touches all the other systems" James L. Oschman, PhD

Self-Treatment Videos!

Thank you to Joni and Perth Amboy Myofascial Release for these wonderful videos!

These video's may not be appropriate  for everyone ! Please check with your MD before beginning any new program!

Eye Tension


Hip And Back

Legs and Low Back

Dural System


Oh.... the Psoas!



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Recommended Reading

Healing Ancient Wounds: The Renegade's Wisdom - John Barnes

What's In Your Web?: Stories of Fascial Freedom - Phil J. Tavolacci, MSPT

Comprehensive Myofascial Self Treatment - your path to authentic healing & pain relief - Joyce Karnis Patterson

Touching Light: How to Free Your Fiber-Optic Fascia - Ronelle Wood 

The Secret - Book Series or Movie

This is a 26 minute video of a number of myofascial release techniques as seen by an Infrared camera called a Flir ONE. This includes a simple cross hand release over the left leg and a number of cranial techniques. It is interesting to see how the temperature changes and the generation of infrared energy in both the client and the therapist.

Thank you Richard Harty!

This trailer is for the film Katie Brockway is working on.
Thank you Katie for allowing this share! Looking forward to the film!