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Spa Parties Are Us!

Let us spoil you and yours with head to toe pampering! For a special occasion and a place to make memories we would be honored if you would consider THE RETREAT! 

We've been throwing Spa Parties for many, many years at our main location right down the block from THE RETREAT!

We are the Long Island Spa Party Experts! We have lots more spa party packages available to you at our 208 Commack Road location. No saunas, but wonderful alternative services! 

Spa Parties at 208 Commack Road

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Massage Spa Parties At THE RETREAT

Conveniently  located in central Long Island,  a spa party at THE RETREAT is not only easy to get to but easy to book and easy to please! Bachelorette parties, special birthday parties or a girls get together is the perfect excuse for getting a little extra pampering and some much needed spoiling for you and yours!

2, 4, 6, 8! 

How many guests will be joining you? THE RETREAT is cozy enough for two yet roomy enough for 8 guest to feel  like they are in the perfect place at the perfect time! Knowing how many guests will also not only determine the price , but it will also determine the length of the party!

For 2 - 3 guests, consider one of our Couple's Massage packages. For 3 people simply determine which package calls to you and then cut the price in half and add it on to the price of the original package.

So what does a Spa Celebration at THE RETREAT look like?

Upon arrival, guests will arrive and be invited to participate in a Sage Smudging Ritual to "cleanse their aura and personal space." It sounds a little funky, right? Well it is! But it's also awesome and has a special feel to it! Not interested? No problem it is not necessary to include this with your party!

Slippers and robes, simple spa snacks and beverages and of course the good company of family and friends in a warm inviting atmosphere, is only the beginning! Our three therapy rooms are equipped with Hepa Air Purifiers  and an  ionizer, freshening the air as well by producing negative ions. Each room with it's own media player ensures that the volume of the music can be adjusted based on individual needs. Bose speakers ensure quality sound!

Give our Event Coordinator a Call!

When your guests are not receiving a massage treatment, time will generally be spent in our Recover-Me Lounge where you will find beautiful Canadian Hemlock Low EMF Infrared Wood Saunas. Guests can clear their heads and relax their souls. The gentle warmth of the heaters accelerates blood and lymphatic flow and will help you discover just how good you can feel!

Hand-carved Himalayan Salt Domes produce a beautiful glow and ambiance. They are actually warm foot revitalizers! Rebalance, revitalize and gently cleanse the body and mind as the gentle light and warmth radiate from the smooth salt surface onto the surface of your feet and up through your body, melting away stress and fatigue.

Relax on a comfy chair and enjoy our large screen monitor for viewing special videos designed to help you and yours escape some stress. So what's your pleasure? A beach scene? A Zen fish tank? Nature? Your choice! We've got it all! 

Checkers, coloring books and a deck of cards allows for fun interaction and enjoyment. We suggest shutting off your phones during this special time, although it is not a requirement. Phones may not be on during treatments.

The Recover-Me Lounge

Infrared Saunas
Feels good and are good for you

How we put the Ahhhh in Spa-Ahhh!

Guests will melt away with a choice of either a wonderfully pampering, sure to spoil Massage or Body Treatment !

Take Us Away Massages

Includes cool chamomile tea pads for the eyes and a sedating scalp massage using a cold-pressed coconut oil with lemon myrtle and herbal extracts. Your feet will be cooled with a rejuvenating complex of lavender, litsea and peppermint to revitalize and refresh. Your choice with or without Aromatherapy. 60 minutes

Scent-sational Signature Body Escape

A matter of scents and a scents of what matters

Renew and restore your skin and your senses with an invigorating body exfoliation, a scent-sational body wrap and a choice of a sedating scalp massage or treat for your feet. Ahhhhhh-Spaaaaaah! Extra time will be spent on rough areas such as knees, ankles and feet. 60 Minutes

Sweet and Simple Spa Party Package

Includes participation in a sweet smelling-sage smudging ritual,  use of slippers and robes for each guest, light spa snacks, spa beverages, choice of a  deep tissue or swedish massage, use of the Recover-Me Lounge with Himalayan Salt Globes and  Infrared Sauna. Approximately 3 hours. Gratuity for the therapist is included. Gratuity for the Hostess is optional. 

Room and Set-up fee  $100 (usually split amoungst the guests) So.....

Sorry, no pets allowed!

Rules, Regulations, Forms, The Small Print, Etc.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Your deposit will guarantee your price! The scheduled services for your group are reserved and staffed according to your requests. Therefore, we strictly adhere to our cancellation policy for parties.

A $200.00 deposit is required to reserve the date and time. The length of time for each session must be decided and the approximate amount of guests must be given at this time. Each guest must leave a deposit of 50% within 1 week of the official booking. Cancellations more than 2 weeks prior to party date will be given a complete refund except for a $100.00 set-up fee. Cancellations less than 2 weeks prior to party will be charged 50% of full service up until 2 days prior to date in which there will be no refund.

Final Payment: All final payments must be made at least 2 weeks prior to your party date. Refunds will not be given for any cancellations 2 days prior or less to the party, unless medical documentation from a licensed physician, unrelated to any of the guests, is received.

Spafinder, Spawish or previously purchased gift certificates cannot be used for payment towards any party.

Please be aware that there are contraindications for Massage Therapy sessions and for additional services. Forms which includes a Medical History are required. We ask that these be returned at least 2 weeks prior to your party so that we may properly accommodate all of your guests. We cannot be responsible for any cancellation of services due to a lack of a proper medical history prior to the sessions.

The Set-Up/Room Fee of $100.00 will be applicable on all Spa Parties. Most guests choose to share in the cost of this fee and often share in the cost of the guest of honor, as well. Host/Hostess gratuity is not included in the package but can be added onto your bill.

Focused and Medical Massage requires communication during treatment, therefore we can't accommodate these type of requests for Spa Parties.

$ 150 per person = $150 pp + $100 split between you + maybe sharing the cost of the guest of honor!

That's it! Nothing More! No Tax! No Extras! Ahhhh!